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/ 20 March 2012 / 3 Comments

asos rucksack challenge

I ordered this rucksack on ebay the other day - got it delivered today so I decided why not celebrate by taking part in the Asos rucksack challenge. You take a picture of the contents of your rucksack and send it to I loved this project, I have been wanting to do something like this for months now so I finally got around to it. Instead of studying that is. It is now my timeline cover too. I do get obsessed with things.
What's in the pictures:
Swedish Army Backpack - Ebay - £6.50
My Dad's oldschool camera - Praktika
Virginia Cigarettes vintage tin - thrifted - £4
Books I'm currently reading
Sunglasses - H&M
Scarf - thrifted - £1
My Grandpa's watch


  1. such a cool idea! and you've got some good stuff in there :) xx

  2. stále čakám na dávku fotiek z praktici :3

  3. Tri filmy nevyvolane cakaju doma a jeden diapozitivovy je vo fotaku! Fotak je tiez na Slovensku pripraveny na pouzitie v Stiavnici. Tak aj ja cakam kedy sa idem odhodlat vyvalit 6-7€ za vyvolanie :-/


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