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Wee Jasper, a lot of nice photos and my first bush dance!

The last day of April

On the 30th of April we moved on to another location; Wee Jasper. It is a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. It takes a little over 30 minutes of windy sandy bushy roads to get there but it definitely is worth it. The "cottage" we've stayed in was in the middle of sheep farms, there were sheep (obviously), kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, parrots and a lake. Everything you could wish for.

First stop: a cave. A different one. This small cave only has one guide and that is Geoff. He is different and that is meant in a positive way. He makes the tour interesting.  For him it's not just a cave, it is a stage, a concert hall, an education centre, a fun place.

Firstly, he had us sit down and said this: When people explored caves hundreds of years ago, they only had candles, can you really appreciate the cave when you can't see it?

A candle
No, not really.
How about when you light some more candles? Can you see better?

The man with the candles. Geoff.
Yes, we can.  And its beautiful.

This is Andy. He's been a good host and a great friend.

This is Brett. He is a wonderful cook! And by wonderful, I do not mean that he can make beef stew.

The pictures below are just photos of the country and the enviroments.

Parrots flying

Who can spot a kangaroo
Some more a bit unsharp parrots 

The lake (a lot of fossils there)

And finally, this is the place where we stayed. It was spectacular. Couple of pictures of how my livingroom is going to look like. Some day.

There we go now, dance on! Traditional bush dance. It was quite good fun. Just missed a partner I could dance with (although Geoff made sure I got plenty of men asking me to dance :D )

Bush dance, not a very good picture, in fact the only one I have taken as I was too busy dancing.
Pretty picture of me and a baby wombat I got to see and hold after the dance. Can't get rid of the blur unfortunately.
Stupid face picture

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